January 11, 2013

DD+'s on Television: Double Divas

We're super excited to see the ladies of Georgia's Livi Rae Lingerie bring DD+'s to the world in Lifetime TV's "Double Divas". The first episode premiered last night.

Image courtesy LifetimeTV

One reason we love them is because not only are they responsible for helping lift up some southern belles they are helping to dispel myths about big breasted women. Mainly, lingerie and brassieres are generally about function. That is bras play a supporting role in every woman's life as her busom friend. Let no bust be left behind! From episode 1's Norma having a custom made bra made by Cynthia, LiviRae are changing lives one pair at a time!

Were you tuned in? What are your thoughts? If you weren't able to watch the first full episode is available streaming at the link below on mylifetime.com. Go now and watch!

Check out Double Divas via link: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/double-divas


  1. Anonymous21:23

    Norma's bra still doesn't fit. But I guess it's better than what she had on at First.

    1. Jame (@jameane)00:09

      LOL! That is exactly what I was thinking.

    2. Hi there, thanks for the comments. I agree with you both. Although after watching the episode a few times frankly I'm finding it hard to tell if it helped at all. :-\ Because no sizes were even mentioned I wonder if there is a brand out there that makes Norma's actual size. Maybe not and all her bras are made custom. I feel like we as viewers are missing some information! Hopefully it was better than her other bra.

  2. They also don't acknowledge sub-30 bands... and the show itself doesn't really explain anything about HOW they fit people. It's not going to help women at home who don't know if they don't give any actual tips & tricks. I found myself pretty disappointed, especially how the woman who had uneven breast sizes was handled. The fitter's initial reaction was inappropriate and rude.

    1. Hi Laura,

      I know what you're saying but I think it's important to remember that it's still a reality show and most of what airs will likely always be very sensationalistic. I'm hoping the editors will eventually allow some of the truly helpful information to trickle into the episodes, like how a proper fitting works and even more "unusual sizes" like 30-bands and below as you've mentioned. Even if they don't want to reveal everything (maybe they regard proper fittings as a 'secret' to a business?) they still have the opportunity to share something authentic I think most female viewers don't even know they are tuning-in for.

      I'm really hoping they eventually get to that point soon. As for some of the words and behavior we as spectators are witnessing I think they may be unconscious reactions caught on camera because they're not constant and I'm truly hoping aside from that they're really succeeding in their attempts to help many, many women.

      That said I'm anxiously about to watch the third (newest) episode which starts any minute!

  3. I am a sub 30 band and I was just there today. I have been going there for about 4 years. They actually don't have any 28 bands at this time so I feel its kind of false advertising. Every bra you get there will have to be altered. Molly is very nice and helped me out when I had no idea about bras but I don't think I will continue my business there. Every bra gets only one free alteration and mine gets used up automatically. I bought some a few years ago and half of them were incorrectly altered. I asked about them today (yes it was long ago, but still) and she said they couldn't be fixed and probably were always wrong. What got me though was the fact that even if I had gone there the next day after I got them, they would not have been able to fix the wrong alteration with what she was telling me. And when I bought them I was told it would turn out perfect. So if I were you, it is good to go once and get sized, try some brands, then buy yourself. Going to try Intimacy because they have lifetime unlimited alterations.

  4. I was there today, have been going there for the past 4 years. I am 28G. They don't have 28s. Just RECENTLY got 30s in and only have like 3. You have to use up your one alteration right then. A few years ago I bought some bras there and like half were altered wrong and never usable. I brought that up today (yes it was ancient, but I was willing to even pay extra to re-alter if I could finally use them) and Molly told me they could never be brought in any further and probably were always the wrong size. :/ Nice, considering she personally fitted me in and sold me all of these bras and pulled the band back and showed me how they "would" fit. So even had I brought them in the next DAY after I bought them, there would have been nothing they could do.

    She told me I may as well get a new bra as it would be cheaper than new alterations and not possible anyway (that, I mean were CLEARLY wrong like 3-4 band sizes too big and I don't think it would have been terrible to at least TRY for free since she does remember me and even if not, at least humor me and let me pay for at least the chance to wear them but whatever).

    Molly is nice and all and helped me out when I knew nothing about bras but I'm going to try Intimacy because they have lifetime free alterations.

    I would not classify the store as a "custom bra shop". It is more like a bra shop with extended size selection. They WILL alter them if they have to but its not what they do, really.

    If you've never had a good fitting bra and you are above 30 band then fine. Otherwise its weird, I felt a little pressured to buy a new one and just be thankful that I could get a fitting bra from them since I have an unusual size. And that's not true, they brought out a Freya, I know Freya makes my size and I feel they could have at least offered to order me one. I think usually their attitude isn't a problem for them because that IS the case with many of their clients but now that its been a while, I feel I should expect more.

  5. Also, I forgot to add that they don't use a tape measure. It's just part of what they do, they eyeball it and bring out stuff they think will work. Even for my alterations, they have never ONCE brought out a tape measure. They just say things like oh, about a band and a half and whisk it away. So I don''t think you are going to get tips like how to fit yourself on there because they don't do it.