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bust [buhst]
1. the chest or breast, especially a woman’s bosom.

1. to burst.
2. to tame;

go·tham [ˈgäTHəm]
1. A nickname for New York City, used originally by Washington Irving.

A.K.A. New York City.

An International Metropolitan city.

As a Native New Yorker I’m familiar with the amount of choices this city offers. However I feel like it’s letting many of it’s women down in the foundation department. If as a society we are as aware as I hope we are then it should be obvious that we come in all shapes and sizes. This includes an average to smaller frame which translates to a smaller bra-band size below the “industry-standard” 32 as starting point.

There are great lingerie stores to be found in NYC and many boutiques are the go-to for the sometimes surprising sub-32 band in a 30 when they’re impossible to find in department stores. I surely was surprised to find myself in this size range. To my dismay I report even though these stores carry brands that produce 30 and 28 bands in these styles they still do not in-fact offer them because of a supposed “lack” of request by customers. It’s my goal to raise awareness amongst women to empower their own wardrobes and create the market they so desperately need to avoid the continuance of this unfortunate catch-22.

Fortunately there are manufacturers who are ahead of the curve and producing an array of styles to fit the smaller framed consumer. Many of these brands are designed or solely based in the UK which is helpful for many European women. I think it only natural that New York and America in general achieve a similar standard.

And so this blog was started as a means of educating my beautiful city in order to provide fundamental support as it does for me every day.

I’ve realized that although I require the fuller figured end of the range (larger DD+ cup, small back/sub 32-band) I’m most interested in speaking up for every smaller banded back, regardless of age or cup.

Sending the signal,
Busts of Gotham

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