August 1, 2013

A personal note

So there's this perfect card I stumbled across earlier this week (unfortunately it's not this one above). It was going to be perfectly appropriate for this post alas, it has disappeared from my memory (and cache it looks like, too). It simply makes a point about having the intent to do something but instead of making it a reality you think about it for so long that you actually forget it's still just living in your head.

That's been this blog and my life for the past umpteenth months. When I originally started this blog I was incredibly excited to have garnered so much knowledge about the intimate world of proper fitted lingerie and thought I was finally ready enough to make some proclamations of my own in the blogosphere. Life had some interesting events for me as it turns out. I have spent the former part of 2013 moving households (no small feat in New York City I assure you!!!), losing a great job I liked being a part of, working here and there to make ends meet which means all my time has been spent on keeping afloat. This has meant no time for participation in the Wonderful Webby World of Boobs which also has translated to not enough funds to buy new bras in order to write reviews. I've also got to catch up on months upon months of fellow busty bloggers around the net. All pending, of course. This post is kind of a whip to snap myself back into it and a confessional of sorts as well.

From the beginning I had promised myself to keep as professional (and omit my everyday identity) as much as possible so that I not only take a stand for bigger busts but to keep everything really relevant to the issues at hand. I would never want to talk about my cats, worklife, boyfriend, etc. at needless length if those topics had zero to do with actual bus(t)iness. So here I am laying it out on the table, doing something I hoped never to really do. Truth is that I couldn't imagine my life without having travelled down this path...

Of course aside from a few comments I'm not even sure anyone reads this, although I shouldn't really mind anyway.

And I'm not one to want to make excuses so I'm kinda forcing myself back to my passion here, putting much less pressure on myself to draft perfect posts (I'm not formally trained in the writing arts but hold myself to an incredibly high standard in all the work I do.) After all, I have fit many friends and some family in this time which means I'm not stopping there, so why should I here!

Oh, and rest assured when I find it the image above will be rightfully replaced.

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  1. Oh, people are reading. Likewise crazy-bus(t)y folks who are juggling lives in the air & also love spell-puns. What is that rule of thumb...for every person who comments, there are another 10 who thought about it. I mean, I'm on the edge of the Alaskan wilderness & I'm reading. So blog on, Bust Girl of Gotham, blog on.