April 16, 2013

Delay after booby delay...

Those who know me personally wouldn't be surprised when I say that I like to keep my blog and my boobs (my actual self) separate. However, I feel there comes a time when I need to be honest and now is one of those times. I had my first delay just after starting the blog last summer, it was kind of a writer's block and kind of a shyness about what to write about. It was an embarrassing numerous months-long delay. In the months that led up to starting the blog I witnessed tons of bra blogs debut and I wasn't sure mine would be any different or even necessary. This time I went through a few months of the immeasurable stress related to apartment hunting in New. York. Frikkin. City. Everyone knows this city is unlike any other and the real estate process is more than all time consuming. Add in a dash of career fluctuations and it made for a silent blog. But I am pleased to say that I am writing somewhat comfortably from my new abode and with a few more positive transitions I'll be back and better than ever in just a short while. Because what I've realized is that it is necessary for me, regardless of who else is or isn't reading.

I've made boobs my passion in everyday life but sometimes other women don't initially realize that it is coming from a truly good intentioned place deep within my heart. So this note is kind of a letter of admittance, guilt, grief, acceptance and still all based on love.

That being said, I have many pending posts from a CurveNY roundup, breasts in the media, boobs & stress, and many more reviews.

Interested in reading anything in particular? Please let me know and I'll do my best!


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  1. Hey, nice blog :) I'm kinda thinking of starting my own but I'm not sure because I'm new in brafitting and probably to young to feel comfortable about putting my own pictures there.. But I really like reading your blog and I'm waiting for new reviews x

    PS: Sorry if my grammar isn't perfect but I'm Polish ;)