February 21, 2013

Review: Freya Ada

Admittedly I have an ongoing happy-sad love triangle with Freya bras. Growing up without proper support wasn't easy. Throughout adolescence I'd been told I was a 34C and deducted maybe I was a 34D and so spent all those years trying to find pretty non-padded bras that wouldn't break the bank. I fondly remember my excitement over solid cotton brightly colored 34D's from Gap Body but I was never drawn to floral pastels or anything overly girly. The multitude of options drastically slimmed back with my preferences. I would have to settle at least for comfortable basics even if I couldn't have more unique patterns or color choices that weren't available without a half-inch of padding.

So nowadays I've got a firm grasp on how to handle my lady assets and I'm more than overjoyed, nay, absolutely thrilled there is choice. Imagine that, fifteen year old self! It is with sheer delight that I can own a bra that fits in a nary heard of size outside the UK (where Freya is designed) but also have it available in an unpadded and proudly branded pattern. See, usually I'm a huge fan of imagery but would rather buy a shirt or other item without branding or logos because I think it speaks volumes about a company about the strength of their designs. Plus, I would rather not be a walking advertisement at my own expense. I feel the Ada bra is different. Freya were my first proper sized bra and even though it was a plain nude which actually hurt me so much I had to gift it away I'm grateful for their brand's existence because that first one was the only instance I've ever had like that. Not only do they offer a wide range of cup sizes and bands for smaller frames like my own but as a brand they really embody what it means to be feminine. Sure there are the everyday and lacy necessities of Jolie, Arabella or the Deco but some days we all require something especially fun to really amp up our need to get dressed.

The Ada is a classic balcony bra which Freya are pretty expert on. They state the center gore falls a bit shorter than many other similar bras so it makes it kind of a plunging style though not a true plunge per say, at least not as high up as a G cup when compared to my Deco collection. It fits as comfortably as any of her other recent balcony plunge sisters like the Ellie or Ivy. The band is pretty stretchy as Freya's are notorious for but still feels good on. This style is generally quite a popular fit and works well on so many women from reviews I've read. I would say the quality is great and the material gives just the right amount of stretch for movement throughout a day's wear.

The cup shape is quite natural and one I would label as 'pointy' in comparison to the well rounded shape Cleo bras give me which I generally prefer. It actually kind of disappears under certain types of clothing or specific fabrics like a heavier weighted cotton that provides some kind of shape in the darting. I would really prefer to own a ton of the padded half cup styles but the cups are really short and I would need something larger than the G-cup they top out at in the size range. (30g just doesn't cut it but a 30gg would be awesome if it were made one day!) Until then my only real choices are the true G-cups in balcony/plunges but I'm really picky about which ones I like even remotely enough to order it to try out. Because if I don't feel like it's worth at least a 75% or higher chance it'll work out for me, I know it's just time wasted ordering, waiting, trying on, returning, waiting for refund. Which can sometimes take more than a month.


Remembering back to my earlier years when I disliked anything tiresomely pink, lacy, floral or butterfly patterned I am so thankful for this complete antithesis! This rockabilly inspiration sports flying hearts, black inkspots, and the rockstars of the winged-insect world ‒ dragonflies! (*swoon*) Instead of the rose-adorned scroll-print toting "I Love Mom" it wears the love for Freya and is like it's been taken directly off a tattoo parlor wall. This version of "What's black and white and pink allover?" is anything but boring or outrageously girly. It's a full-busted rocker chic dream come true. Toss on some fully adjustable straps outlined in black trim, black-and-white polka dotted bow-ties, and you've made a fan outta me.


Normally I wouldn't go near a bra with so much of a sheer mesh upper layer and emphasis on that layer like an Arabella or Beau style because it feels just somehow uneven in appearance. Obviously I was won over by this print for other reasons but I believe it's the print which helps balance out the sheer upper cup. The black embroidery trims both the bottom and upper parts of the band, both edges of the straps, and the black parts of the mesh upper cup play off the drawing outlines of the entire bra itself. Of course, the little black bows are helpful too in creating a sweeping feel to the v-shaped neckline which finishes off a perfect composition. Wearable rock and roll tapestry! Rejoice!

Gotham out!

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